What is the Best Time to Fish? Choose the Best Fishing Times

Like fishing but don’t know the proper tips and tricks of fishing, then here we have some. If you are fascinated by fishing but have not been able to capture a good amount of fish to date, then you must be lacking some of the tips, such as where to fish and when to fish. Or you may be lacking in the technique of fishing and the proper instrumentation to do so. So here we have the proper knowledge about the best fishing times—the times which will help you get more and more fish. So without wasting a minute, let’s take detailed knowledge about the best time to fish.

Factors Responsible for Best Time To Fish:

factor responsible Best time to fish

To know about the best time to fish, let’s start with some basic knowledge about the fish. So you need to understand the physiology of a fish and also need to understand the thinking of any fish. First of all, you need to understand the physiology of the fish.

Physiology of a Fish Body:

Generally, all fishes are coldly blooded, i.e., They cannot regulate their body temperature with some of the thermoregulatory mechanisms present in the body. We, as humans, can regulate our body temperature according to the surrounding temperature. Well, they are called warm-blooded animals. The thing does not apply to fish. They fail to regulate body temperature. So this ability forces them to stay at a temperature that is suitable for their body. The fish cannot survive at a temperature that is more or less than its body temperature. 

So this leads to the migration of the fish to the temperature suitable for their body. So in the summer and winter seasons, they tend to go deeper into the water bodies, and there they find a suitable temperature for their body and can survive there. 

Understanding the Thinking of Fish:

It is said that to catch a fish. It would help if you thought like a fish. So here is an understanding of the thinking of fish. Generally, we saw that they could not regulate their body temperature, so they prefer to live at such temperature that suits their body. So as we think about this, we know that the surface of water tends to behave the same as that of the surrounding. But the bottom layers of water remain at a constant temperature throughout the day as well as throughout the year. So this is a helpful factor for the fish.

The fishes migrate to the deeper layers of the water where they can find the water temperature near the body temperature of the fish. To think about this, the fish don’t come to the surface of the water in the summer as well as in the winter days. But thinking on the other hand, they need to come on the surface of water due to the BOD factor, i.e., The oxygen demand is more in the deeper layers. This tends to migration of the fishes to the upper layer of the water in a specific period in a day. And these periods are responsible and important if we are thinking about fishing. 

You need to focus on this period and then go fishing.

High Tide and Low Tide Situation:

Understanding the tide conditions is quite important for fishing. First of all, if you don’t know anything about the tide, then let me tell you that the tide is the gravitational pull of the earth by the sun as well as the moon. So if you know some of the geographies or know little about it, then you must know the gravitational pull is greater at the earth’s equator. This leads to the pull of the water from the equator of the earth. This leads to the low tide at the rest of the place of the earth. And if there is gravitational pull at the other parts, there is a high tide over the part affecting and low tides in the rest of the parts.

Also, the tides continuously shift from the high tide as well as to the low tides. This is called the tidal cycle. Such a tide cycle consists of two low tides and two high tides. Also, you might know that fishes require water to survive. So this tidal condition tends them to migrate from the low tide to the good high condition where the availability of the water is more. So the fishes migrate to the high tide where they get sufficient water and have a low risk of getting attacked by other prays. Considering this, you need to go fishing in between the high tide as well as the low tide condition. Preferably the time must be 90 minutes before the high tide.

Summer and Winter days:

Summer days, as well as winter days, are considered the worst periods to go fishing. These days, the water temperature matches the surrounding temperatures. Also, the surrounding temperatures are either hot in the summer days or too cold in the winter days. So at such periods, the fish prefer to stay in the deep layers of the water. So it would help if you avoided fishing at the time of summer days when the atmospheric temperature is too hot. Also, it would help if you considered the same for the winter days. But fishing in the daytime in the winter days as well as for the nighttime in the summer days can be considered best.

At such time, you will observe the fall of the surrounding temperature or controversy in the water temperature. So you can either choose these periods if you are staying in such places where there is more effect of the climate in the particular seasons. Also, one more thing that you need to consider is that you can perform fishing in the initial days as well as the days at the end of the summer as well as the winter season. These days are best for fishing, as the temperature will help you a lot. So this is all about the effect of the summer and winter days on fishing.

Some Carnivorous Fishes:

There is some carnivorous variety of fishes. They tend to stay in the upper layer of the surface of the water. If you are trying to perform fishing at any time, so you need to know the places where you will be able to find such kinds of the fishes. These fishes generally hide in stagnant water places where the velocity of the water is less. So that they can easily catch the small fish for their meal. So if you have any canal near your residence place, you must avoid the places where the water velocity is high. Instead, it would help if you visited the places where the water velocity of the canal or river is less.

These places can be spotted at the turning place of the river or the canal. At the turning places, in the corners of such places, the water speed is slow, and you can perform fishing there. Here you can neglect the timing of the fishing. But if you consider the time as well as the best place to fish, where you can find more fish, then you can spot many of them at a time. Generally, go for the corners of the rivers and lakes, where you will find the water velocity less. 


Climate too affects more for fishing more. If it’s rainy, then due to raindrops falling on the surface of the water disturb the upper layer of the water. It leads to the migration of fish into the deeper layers. A dull climate is best suitable for fishing as there is a maintenance of temperature, as well as there is no disturbance in the environment. So you must check the climate too while going fishing.

What Is the Ideal Time for Fishing?

Ideal Time for Fishing

Here you need to understand three conditions, i.e., the time, tide, and climate condition. So considering these conditions, you will be able to perform fishing well. So here we have explained the best time as well as tide conditions that you must visit your nearby lake as well as a pond to perform fishing;


As well saw earlier that finishes generally prefer to stay in the deeper layers of the ponds as well as the lake. But due to the oxygen demand, they tend to come to the surface of the water to have the oxygen fulfillment as well as to hunt some of the smaller fishes. So this time becomes an ideal time for you to perform fishing as we know that the temperature of the upper layer is warm in the afternoon period. So at this period, there are very rare chances to catch the fish.

The ideal time to catch fish or to go fishing is from 5 am morning to 8 am. And if you cannot go fishing during this period, you can go in the evening period, i.e., From 4 pm to 7 pm. These periods are the most preferred periods for performing fish, and they have also proved to be effective in catching lots of fish at a time. The most important thing about these periods is that there are more fish at the surface and also there is daylight so that you can catch the right fish. This period is perfect as you will also be able to see as there will be enough light as well as normal temperature.

Tide Condition:

As we have seen, there are two tide conditions as well as two high tides and two low tides throughout the day, and this is called a tide cycle. In this period, the water level increases as well as decreases. So you will be unable to find out the fish in both the high tide as well as in the low tide conditions as the fishes will prefer to stay in the deep layers of the water so that they will not be hampered by the high tide as well as low tide conditions. The high tide conditions are generally seen at 8 am morning and eight pm in the evening. At the same time, the low tide conditions are generally seen at 2 am and 2 pm.

So considering the tidal condition, you must avoid fishing at both the high tide as well as low tide conditions. So the period 90 minutes before the high tide is considered the best time to go fishing. This implies that you must visit the nearby pond or the lake around six 0 clock in the morning and six 0 clocks in the evening. In this period, the chance of catching fish increases four-fold. So in this way, the tidal condition is one of the most important factors and will imply you the best time to go fishing.


Fishing is generally done in a calm climate. A climate in which there is no more warmness as well as cold is preferred good for fishing. But here is the exception, you can go fishing in a specific period of that particular season and catch up with much more fish. But if you prefer visiting any time of the day for fishing, then you will need to consider the season factor. In the spring as well as in the autumn season, fishing is best to perform.


As we saw the factors that hamper fishing and also saw about the fishing habits. It was so considering all these factors, i.e., the time of fishing, water temperature, tidal condition, and season, the time, ie. 5 am to 8 am and 4 pm to 7 pm is considered to be the best time to fish considering the location to be best for fishing. So read out the whole context and understand the behaviors of the fish as it’s said that to catch a fish, thinking like a fish is important. So consider it, go fishing, and comment on your experience in the comment section provided below. Thank you.

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